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This is the website, now and forever under development, for the genus Hypogymnia. Hypogymnia is a genus of lichenized fungi. You can be just a reader or a more active participant by adjusting the classification, uploading images, and maintaining bibliographic resources. In theory, the content on these pages is automatically  uploaded weekly to the Encylclopedia of Life.

Names management and a hierarchical classification is core to this version of LifeDesk. A working classification has been imported from MycoBank. For now, synonyms are not listed, only accepted species.

Due to the mysteries of EOL, hardly any of the names in Hypogymnia show up in the Hypogymnia classification in EOL.org.  Although the content of this lifedesk is automatically imported into EOL, it's a bit hard to find there, because the classification used by EOL has so few species in Hypogymnia. The EOL folks are working on this, but for now, you will find information on Hypogymnia more easily at the Hypogymnia lifedesk than at EOL.org.

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